Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree that grows up to fifteen metres high. The leaves are long and narrow with a green/yellow colour. The bark of the tree is a smooth pale grey and is often found covered in white powder.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is produced by steam distillation of the leaves and young twigs.

Eucalyptus blends well with Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender, Marjoram and Cedarwood. 

Country of Origin

Bomb Cosmetics Eucalyptus Essential Oil is produced in China


Do not use undiluted essential oils directly on the skin. Please see the Essential Oil Category Heading for information on how to dilute this oil. Do not take internally or use on young children.

Key Qualities

Stimulating, refreshing, balsamic, regulating.

Ingredients: Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil, Limonene*

Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10ml